Benjamin Montgomery

BENJAMIN MONTGOMERY (b. 1991) was born and raised in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. In 2013 he received a B.M. in Music Composition with an instrumental emphasis from Ithaca College. He studied composition primarily with Dana Wilson, Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann, as well as briefly with Sally Lamb McCune. Montgomery also studied electronic music as well as film scoring with Peter Rothbart. While attending Ithaca College, he received the Richard K. Joseph Composition Prize in 2011 for “Confliction” and the Louis Smadbeck Award in 2013 for “Deconstruction”. Montgomery is currently attending Michigan State University for a M.M. in composition and is studying with Jere Hutcheson. He has participated in masterclasses with Steven Mackey, Melinda Wagner, David Rakowski, and television composer Ron Riddle. Montgomery has received commissions and performances throughout Pennsylvania and New York State.

Writing for instrumental as well as choral ensembles and finding inspiration in various styles and time periods, Benjamin’s concert works combine concepts and approaches along with a varied harmonic language. Although the majority of his works are acoustic, he is currently experimenting with the use of electronics through MAX/MSP, interested in utilizing further interactivity with the electronics from the performers as well as collaboration with visual arts and media.


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